Thursday, February 18

Since when did a little bit of snow hurt anything?

Today (as in yesterday (Thursday) because I forgot to actually "publish" my draft until this morning) I trudged my way into the city, through the unplowed streets and unshoveled sidewalks. Thankfully I have four wheel drive because there was some serious spinning action happening with my tires. Anyways, my mission was to make it to this place Lakeshore Record Exchange . Trust me, if I could marry a store, I would marry this one. It is small, and uber cute, and full of some really good music, like the hard to find kinda stuff, that you begin to think doesnt exist outside of The best part is the music there isn't sold at crazy marked up prices, everything is very reasonable and they even have a 5 dollar used CD selection where you can pick up some really good finds. I had to park like forever away because well, I went at lunch time and that road is a nightmare at lunch because it is lined with small cafes, and the local science museum, right around the corner, is swarmed with minivans do to the infestation of children on mid-winter vacation.

But alas, even with wet, salty and just down right dirty jean bottoms I managed to grab a few good here is what I bought...

(which Greg is playing like 10 minutes from my house tonight...lame...lame...lame.)

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