Tuesday, February 9

*tap tap tap*

9:14 arrival to the MRI office.
9:15 scheduled MRI arrival time.
9:45 scheduled MRI start time.
MRI length- Just about 30minutes.
10:10- I was actually called back into the prep room and very quickly had a IV stuck in my arm.
10:15- When I thought I would be heading out of the door and into my car.
10:20- When I was "really" supposed to be taken into the MRI room.
10:55- Finally handed a set of ear plugs and shoved into a tube.
12:05- At my favorite pizza place getting a slice of mac and cheese pizza to go thats right around the corner from the MRI medical building.

Total Estimated Time: One Hour. Total Actual Time: 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Lesson Learned - Next time bring something to entertain my mind.


  1. And it's not just with the MRI. I set a meeting with my neurologist for the first appointment of the day so it didn't totally disrupt my work day. Yeah, I didn't actually see him until 75 minutes after the time of my scheduled appointment :-(

    BTW: Love the name if your blog!



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