Wednesday, February 3

Hello ridiculousness - MRI torture

So when I was at my neuro like 2 weeks ago, paperwork was started to make sure my MRI was in order to happen in April. Well I received a phone call from my mom Monday letting me know that I had a appointment for next Tuesday morning for my MRI. Somehow the idea of 6 months between every MRI shrunk to not even like 3 1/2 months.

I just wish that my doctors and their office could just pull their act together and get organized. In the mean time I guess I have an appointment to go and lie in a tube for a while - which sometimes I feel like is the best torture for a MS patient. The scenario - lie in a tube, without moving for a 45'ish minute time period - haha pure and utter torture.

Oh and last but of course not least, I am really trying to eat healthier, which is actually working pretty well so far. I am doing the whole drinking the recommended amount of water (which by the way I have to pee all the times it seems), and I am eating a mix of organic food and just cutting out the nastiness from my diet. Plus the whole working out thing mixed in - even though the current weather makes getting out of bed and moving very difficult - but I'm still going strong. So, so far, so good, feeling pretty ding dang darn good.

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