Saturday, February 20

Good Morning Saturday

I had Tysabri yesterday. Thrilling stuff, I know. Everything went well, as usual. It was number 15 I believe, which it seems crazy that I have been going there for 15 months. The only bad part is that number 24 is quickly approaching which means after that its blood work every month for me. I guess I have 9 months to develop a way to get blood samples without needles. :) Anyways, I decided I would quiz the nurse that does the infusions about my last MRI, because she seems to know a lot about the workings of the office. She also found it strange that my MRI that should have been in March was in the beginning of Feb., so at least I am not the only one scratching my head about that. Anyways, she was able to see the results of my MRI...I would hate to be living in suspense until my next appointment in July! Good news to report - no signs of PML, no new lesions and visible "shrinkage" (that is such a funny word - always have flashbacks to Seinfeld when I say it) of my old lesions!

Time for the happy dance! I think its rather safe to say that Tysabri was the best choice for me.

Well, my parents are coming to visit today around 1, I believe that my brother is tagging along as well. I made very yummy half moon cookies too (a.k.a - black and white cookies). However, I still need to perfect my chocolate frosting...its a work in progress though.


  1. Your joke abour Seinfeld made me legit laugh out loud! keep up the positive attitude kiddo! <3

  2. Good luck to you, glad the tysabri is working for you.


  3. I'm glad Tysabri is working so well for you and I can't wait for you to discover and market the no needle blood draw. :-)
    Lazy Julie


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