Tuesday, February 16

Random thoughts...and a bit of my favorite guilty pleasure... Jersey Shore

Today I realized while folding laundry that I was one step away from becoming like the people on Jersey Shore (don't worry you can admit that occasionally when you can't sleep, you turn on MTV to find the best guilty pleasure show around, Jersey Shore). All I need to add to my daily schedule is tanning and then the acronym GTL (gym, tanning and laundry) will be complete. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then I congratulate you for not succumbing to the Jersey Shore mass cult-like effect.

I am also on this whole watch what I eat craze. Not like calorie counting, but like cutting way back on the overly processed foods and eating things that are a lot less processed. So goodbye hot pockets and hello homemade chicken meatballs. My roommates think I am insane, but in a good insane kind of way. I even made these super yummy banana oat muffins with homemade apple sauce and basically I didn't add all the extra sugar and nonsense normal muffins have.

So, not only have I been feeling better, I eat better, I'm becoming on heck of a cooking queen, and oh yeah I kinda sorta fit into my pre-MS jeans (thats right, pre-MS jeans people)...cause well, lets face it, I buried my feelings in a giant bowl of cake, topped with ice cream and hot fudge...and plus steroids make you so freakin' hungry!

I guess I will end it here, I have Zumba (which is actually helping with my coordination skills which is pretty darn cool) in 50 minutes and class at 6...which gives me a whopping 1 hour in between those to magically shower, look somewhat presentable for class, and stuff some healthy food in my body...always, always, amusing.

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