Saturday, January 2

Hello 2010!

New Years resolutions...I always stick with mine for a few months (OK- a abit of a fib...sometimes I last a whole week)...anyways I figured if I was going to make any I should at least aim for ones that I can possibly attempt to complete. So here is my list of resoultions...

1. Obviously my first resoultion that is uncompletable is to get rid of my MS. Hey- A girl can wish can't she :-P

2. Lighten up - stop being so serious. I do some pretty crazy things and I say some pretty witty, sarcastic things and why should that be hidden by my oh so cold front? This I can so do, and intend on doing. My life has gone a bit off the beaten path, but it doesn't mean you can't laugh along the way back to the beaten path.

3. Attempt to be healthy...i.e- work out and stop eating junk 24/7...instead I am aiming to eat it 1/7...I think that makes sense...Remember folks I burned out as a math major after three semesters...fractions are not my strong suit!

Oh before I continue, I have a award! Its from the amazing Herrad. (If you don't follow her blog, you must! Click on her name and it will link ya to it). She is such a inspiration, and even when I am away from blogging I still always read hers everyday. So thank you so much Herrad for being such a active member of the MS blogging community and thank you for the award!

I could continue on with my list but I will refrain because uh I have a date tomorrow. Or at least I tried to convince myself it wasn't one but I am well aware that I am just fooling myself. Guy asks girl out to dinner and a movie. Guy makes all the plans. Girl quickly realizes it is a date and runs the other direction but fails to get out of it. So tomorrow I guess I am seeing Sherlock Holmes and eating dinner at an actual restaurant.

Well, until next time, goodnight bloggers.

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