Thursday, October 29

11th Tysabri Infusion

I had my 11th Tysabri infusion yesterday and everything went well. The NP that I saw a couple of weeks ago also stopped by to check up on me which was nice. I made sure to tell her how much I am enjoying the extra boost from the Ritalin and how it is really making a positive impact for me. She then told me how I just seemed to be functioning better and she noted that when she would ask me a question the last time I saw her it would take longer than normal to register and for me to spit out an answer and that this time things were much more natural and flowing.

It's always cool to have someone notice a difference. I also mentioned the whole H1N1 virus vaccination and she suggested I get one just because of the fact that I am working with so many people in I will be in health services tomorrow getting a needle stick.

I am really enjoying working in a high school. Its weird how much you actually start to enjoy being around your students. I never really knew what they actually thought about me but I was talking to the teacher across the hall today, who is also a business teacher, and he was mentioning how students have been telling him how much they like having me around. It's definitely very cool...a few students keep asking me if I will be working there soon.

I received a package in the mail yesterday, my parents sent a box of snacks for me and my roommates. In exchange for the package I was given a mission to track down a cd for my mom. My parents are coming for dinner on Sunday and she would like the cd by then. I LOVE these kind of challenges, sure you could buy it online...but for me its about the hunt. I can't wait to spend my Saturday tracking down the cd for her.

While I love being here, it's weird because this is the first semester I haven't been home in a long while. Usually I go a 3-4 times a semester but the last time I was home was the weekend of September 4th to see a concert. I do get to go home after I teach on the 24th of this month and I will have 4 days home. At this point I miss my's funny how I always miss my bed...

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