Thursday, October 1

I think I may be too tired to even title this blog. Today was my offical day 1 of student teaching. 1 day done...After I got back from school around 4 today Steph and I hung out, then we grabbed dinner and then it was yoga, 6:15-7:30. Now I am absolutely exhausted.

I had my 10th tysabri infusion yesterday afternoon. The infusion nurse suggested that if I am still super exhausted and dragging a extra Solumedrol infusion would prob. help. She offered to let my neurologist know but I was a bit hesitant...I would much rather avoid any unnecessary infusions if I can. Its easier to contribute the added tiredness to school and student teaching and busyness, but who knows. I did however promise to call the office if I am still feeling not so great in a week.

Tomorrow I will teach my first lesson to high schoolers. Did I mention that the lesson I am teaching is during the block before the peep rally. I am fully counting on students to be a bit wound up, but my teacher is leaving the room when I teach so hopefully I can do it.

Finally tv time...and then bed

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