Thursday, October 22

School stuff...and a few randoms

My teacher is absent today, well she had a conference and I got left with the sub. I am eating lunch in the classroom today, the sub randomly got up and left the room about 6 minutes before the bell went off to leave for lunch. He took the keys with him...I couldn't look the room up and the room is full of computers, and peoples bookbags, purses and whatever else students carry around these days. I thought about going to the teachers room like I usually do, but it would be awkward without my teacher here I am guardian of the classroom eating my peanut butter sand which (sadly I forgot the fluff) and drinking from my juice box, yes, I do bring a juice box to school with my sandwich in a brown paper bag. My roommates laugh and call me a little kid, but I always figure if I was a little kid I would be carrying around a Hannah Montana lunch pale.

The Ritalin is working. Actually I function so much better on it. I am focused, and can stay on task and when I talk things come out better. I don't mix up words in every sentence...its kinda cool. The best part is that I can actually see the change. I talked to my dad last night and he noticed the change that every other word wasn't jumbled up. Of course I am wired though, like more energy than I used to and its like I feel like I did before I got sick...I used to always have this much energy, and was always focused and on task, so I am really excited.

Plus it made my week to hear that my MRI scans were better than expected.

The real reason that I am writing is because I received an email today from my colleges health services, it was only addressed to me and the assistant director of student activities:

--------- College Student Health Services has received a limited supply of H1N1 vaccine.You are receiving this email because the CDC has recommended that certain individuals receive the 2009 vaccine when it first is available.If you are interested in receiving this free vaccine, please come to Student Health Services Tuesday October 27th 9 am-12 noon or Friday October 30th 2 pm-4 pm. No appointment is needed.You will be required to remain in health services for 15 minutes after you receive the vaccine, so please plan accordingly.If you have any questions about whether to receive this vaccine, please contact your primary care provider.Please go to the following website and review the Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) before you come to receive your vaccine.

Thank you (then her info followed so obviously I left that part out)

Well, health services is aware of my MS, and they were not pleased with me last semester when I did not register with the students with disabilities office...soo I am sure they will be please when I do not get the flu shot...but in all honesty why should I get it? I prob should have ran it by the NP at the MS clinic when I was there, but hey I forgot...

My college is trying to REQUIRE all student teachers to get them...I know there are nurses in NYS who are refusing to get the vaccine and have already taken it to the state level and so far the court has not ruled either way, but the idea that its a requirement makes me even more irritated.

So I would love to hear any ones thoughts out there about getting the vaccine? The good, bad and the ugly, answers are always appreciated :)


  1. I have been getting the seasonal flu vaccine for years now, after developing the flu once which then turned into pneumonia (not fun at all).

    I wasn't planning on getting the H1N1 vaccine until my rheumatologist insisted. Just having MS is not a good enough reason to get it.

    I'm switching meds soon, to rituximab which depletes the B-cells in a similar way that Tysabri depletes the T-cells, and will be further immunocompromised than I already am from using methotrexate.

    Being in close contact with kids will expose you to many different things. That is likely the reasoning behind vaccinating all of the student teachers.

    Don't know what would be best for you, but do know that I got both flu vaccines yesterday and am doing okay so far.

  2. I'm on the fence about getting the H1N1 and the flu shot. I have never got the flu shot as it didn't used to be recommended here for those with MS. Even if it is, I'm still leary as the last time I got a vaccine, I had a full on MS attack. I'm not sure vaccines and my MS mix well together.

    While I was leaning against getting my kids vaccinated, I'm now thinking maybe I will. I have a few days to decide still as the clinics here are starting with "high risk" people first.

  3. I've never gotten the flu, therefore I have never gotten a flu shot. But if I was surrounded at work with one of the target populations for this flu, you'd better believe I'd get one. MS doesn't play well with fevers, and all the rest. Some kids are doing very poorly with double pneumonia with this flu.

    Since I have become a tenuous walker, and am very temperature sensitive, I have already gotten the regular flu shot and am waiting for the H1N1 to be available. So far, no sides from the first shot.

    But as always, it's a personal call. Good Luck


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