Wednesday, October 7

Over the last day or two I have noticed some things that seem "off" ( more off than I usually am) ... nothing big but little things that make me go , hmmmmmm. Like 4 or 5 times a day I have noticed that my leg muscles or arm muscles start to contract randomly...nothing crazy intense but it brings back bad memories of crazy intense spasms. The other thing is just that I am more glitchy then I remember being, especially when I am doing a specific when I eat and I bring my fork to my mouth, my fork and hand get shaky and its not a straight path and theres lots of stopping and reconnecting...

I had a super stressful class yesterday so I really need to practice the whole, just breathe kinda thing...


  1. Just wanted to stop by a borrow your bowling ball, LOL! Actually, I'm giving golf a try this weekend. First time since I can't remember when. Bowling is Monday night! LOL!

  2. Have you talked to your Doctor about it? If not at least mark it on your calendar so you can keep track of it and if it gets worse I would call him/her and let them know. Keep us posted!!

  3. I've had that happen to me before (and last for several weeks) but go away. I guess it was the MS. I didn't report it because I had not been diagnosed with MS at the time...d'oh. Since I am now on a CRAB drug I have not had that happen to me.

    Keep us posted!


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