Monday, October 12

Its been a few days since I posted and in all honesty wasn't planning on posting today but I when I was reading through blogs last night I realized I was given a award from a fellow blogger (thanks Denver Refashionista!) so I thought I should probably keep up my blog.

Last Thursday and Friday were "Reading Days" at my college, so my roommates all went home and lucky me still had to teach at high school. So Thursday and Friday I taught, and helped out my teacher with various things.

Saturday I went shopping with my brother and then we went to my grandparents for the day and helped out with various things around the house.

Everyone came back yesterday and thats about it. I don't have school today, its prob. a good thing because I honestly am drained. I did my laundry on Sunday morning just after I got up and after 2 loads of laundry I took a nap. Basically I get some small task done and then want to sleep. I graded papers this morning and wanted to sleep. So along with being extremely tired, I just have more of that "I just dont feel right" feeling...somethings off. Steph ( my roommate ) noticed it this morning wen we were filling out our calendar for this week thats posted in our kitchen. I wrote "Meeting with Dr. 6" and Steph looks and laughs and then I realize 6 is not C, it should have been Dr. C... like I said in my last blog I have noticed and more things that just kinda stand out as little red flags.

I had actually decided last night that this morning I would call my neurologists office and talk to my doctors RN person, I know I'm so technical in my terminology. So this morning I called, it was just before 10 and of course I was on hold for a while, then I got to leave a message with the person who answers the phone and she said the person I wanted to contact wasent in yet but she would leave a message...its 4:30 now so I am pretty sure I wont here from her today.

I am not one of those people who waits by the phone, but its annoying when you just want someone to call you back. I figure she'll call me back like tomorrow when I am at school...I wouldn't be all that surprised really...ohh well, at least I tried.

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