Sunday, October 4


I have been exhausted the past few days, but instead of staying in bed and sleeping I have been determined to keep up with my friends. Friday was homecoming at the school I am student teaching at. I taught my first lesson... unfortunately it was the class before the big pep rally, but it all worked out well. Steph and I went to the actual homecoming game, the team won but the weather was horrible. It poured all night but luckily the rain kept us awake.

Steph and I spent the day out and about yesterday which was fun, and we were able to catch her brothers J/V soccer game. Today is one of my other roommates ( Hannah) 21st birthday. Last night we celbrated with sour apple martinis. I think our "bartender" for the night needs some mixology lessons because they were insanly strong. The funniest part was since we did not have martini glasses she used big plastic cups which she filled with instead of like one martini each glass had like 3 or 4...lets just say we all slept good last night...

Tonight we are heading to dinner at one of my favorites, Red Robins for some super yummy hamburgers and then off to bed early because I student teach all this week.

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  1. I am so proud of you, keep making yourself move. It is a difficult task when you feel so fatigue, but only moving can help. Rest helps too, but we have to make an effort to slowly move, stretch or anything. However, PACE yourself.


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