Monday, September 28

Black beans?

Its a ultra gloomy Monday. I had class this morning and I just did not want to get out of bed. My body aches...I have found that a few days before my Tysabri treatments I noticed I feel a bit off. I noticed as I glanced at my calendar that I infact have a treatment scheduled for Wed. Maybe its all in my mind or maybe its a real thing, but I feel off when I am kinda due for a new infusion.

I went grocery shopping the other day and when I go grocery shopping I find that I have been buying heathly things, mainly because I feel guitly if I buy junk food. I figure if I dont have any junk food in the apartment I cant veg out on the couch and munch all day. My wierdest purchase I bought was a bag of organic dried black beans. Here's the deal, I do not eat beans, as like in ever. I think I have had black beans once and pinto beans once, both times the beans were in a burrioto stuffed with random good stuff.

So after staring at this pack of organic beans for a while I decided I would cook some...I figure I can add some rice and other veggies and will have a dinner made up or something like that. I am really not to sure as to what I ever thought I would eat them should be a interesting process.


  1. I like visiting to get some inspiration on what to do with certain ingredients. I like that people rate the recipes so you can get a feeling if they're good or not. Thought I would share as I've got many a good recipe from this site. Maybe you can find something for the black beans!

  2. hi Stephanie- I've been on Tysabri for two years now. I absolutely notice that the week before my infusion I am off a little bit. I wonder sometimes if infusions every 3 or 3.5 weeks would be better.

    Tysabri plus diet has really stabilized me. I hope that you do well on it.


  3. I'm the same way---a week beforehand, I feel "off." Someone labeled it fourth week syndrome. Thankfully, I get my infusion tomorrow. It's not in our heads. It really does exist.

    Also---I hate beans. But I have a recipe for this AWESOME black bean dip. And you don't have to cook the beans. (Although this won't help with your organic beans you purchased!) It's the only time I eat beans.

    2 cans of Black Beans
    1 can of rotel tomatoes
    Fresh jalapeno peppers (diced up---no seeds)
    Green onion (chopped
    Red onion (minced)
    Fresh Cilantro
    Fresh Lemon Juice
    Fresh Lime Juice
    Garlic Powder
    Salt to taste
    Cayenne Pepper

    *note* for every 2 cans of beans, you want to add one can of rotel tomatoes

    I always rinse the black beans in a strainer and dump the can of rotel tomatoes on top...then put it in a mixing bowl....add the ingredients. You'll have to spice it to taste.

    Eat it with tortilla chips---also tastes great on a burrito.


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