Sunday, September 20

6 years later...

It's been 6 years now since my cousin died in a motorcycle accident...I wrote about it month or two ago here, that pig roast kind of smell. Below is my absolute favorite picture from when I was younger, it was Christmas and yeah its one of my favorites.

I still remember the last time I saw him, honestly I can replay it back in my mind, I can still hear his voice and I think I remember everything he told me. I was home alone one night during the summer and he had stopped by to borrow our truck to tow a boat, we talked and he let me tag along. We drove into the city and I remember we were up on Tipperary Hill at his friends house and while he was parking the car he was teaching my how to properly park a motorcycle on a hill, he always wanted me to ride and I used to joke around that I would be way to freaked out to...6 years later and its insane how much I miss him.

Yeah, so I saved the newspaper article from when he died, it was in the local paper...I figured that eventually I would want to read it or be able to read it, I can honestly say I have yet to read through the entire thing...

An East Syracuse man was killed late Sunday (Sept. 21st 2003) when his motorcycle crashed on a rural road in Jefferson County, state police said Tuesday.

Oswego County native Kurt H. Glasier , 33, of 6869 Kirkville Road, was driving south on state Route 11 in the town of Ellisburg when he veered off the right side of the road and struck a stop sign at the intersection of county Route 122, state police Sgt. Ed Croucher said.

Glasier was ejected from the motorcycle when he hit the sign. He landed in a ditch several feet from his motorcycle, which was pressed up against an embankment when troopers arrived, Croucher said.

State police do not know exactly when the crash happened because no one saw it. They believe it happened after dark and that Glasier died almost immediately, but troopers are still waiting for an autopsy report, Croucher said.

About 11:30 p.m., someone driving by saw the reflection of Glasier 's motorcycle, stopped, saw what had happened and called police, Croucher said.

Trooper Joseph Simpson of the Watertown barracks responded to the scene and investigated.

"It's not a lighted area and there's not a lot of traffic in that area. It appears he missed the curve," said Croucher, who is based in the Fulton barracks and was the supervising officer Sunday night.

State police said it appeared that Glasier was traveling at an unsafe speed, and that this contributed to the crash. There was no indication that Glasier had been drinking alcohol, but a toxicology test will be conducted, Croucher said.

Glasier was pronounced dead at the scene, state police said. Jefferson County Medical Examiner Dr. Samuel Livingstone performed the autopsy at Samaritan Medical Center, troopers said.

The crash happened just north of Sandy Creek in Oswego County, where Glasier grew up, according to a funeral director at Foster-Hax Funeral Home in Pulaski. Sometime after Glasier graduated from Sandy Creek High School in 1987, his parents, Jack and Vicky Glasier , moved to the hamlet of Port Ontario.

Glasier attended the State University College at Potsdam for three years, and later graduated from the State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse University. He was a supervisor at New Process Gear until about a year ago, a family friend said. He was working at Performance Harley-Davidson of Syracuse.

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