Thursday, September 3

4 day weekend...ooh and Tysabri #9

I think this is the point where I collapse on the floor and just sleep for like ever.

I started out my morning bright and early with a Tysabri appointment. Apparently my past blood work has been hemolyzed ( uhh I think thats the right word, blood clots or something from the sample?). Anyways I had to get labs drawn at the labs office place, so lucky me I got needle sticks in both arms today. Sometimes I leave the hospital and I kinda feel like I resemble a drug attack with the marks on my arms...but then again Tysabri kind of does make me feel like a drug addict a bit...

Tysabri #9 went well, the funny part was during the whole questioner before the infusion.

Nurse: "any changes in your eyesight, balance or thinking?"
Me: Nope
Nurse: " any chance of pregnancy?"
Me: Nope
Nurse: " do you have a date?"
Me: "Uhhh no I dont have one (I just kept thinking why does she want to know about my dating life..."
Nurse: "You dont?"
Me " Uhhhh no... oooooooooooh! hahahahaha a date...I thought you meant a date date!...haha yes I have a date, like three weeks ago...!

Anyhoo I survived tysabri #9!


  1. I hope you are feeling ok...
    Just wanted to thank you for mentioning the postsecrets's my new Sunday obsession!

  2. Haha, I am so excited you like it! Plus, its always nice to hear that I am not the only one who is kinda obsessed with it every Sunday!

  3. Lol i would of wondered same thing about the date.


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