Saturday, September 26

oh so tired rambelings

I am exhausted. I was tired from observations yesterday, I had got up at 6am and went off to school. My school has been celebrating its 85th birthday so we had fireworks last night. I belong to SAC (student activities council) and its a group on campus that coordinates, plans and runs the big events on campus. Last night our club put on the fireworks and this morning our club got to pick up the reminents of the fireworks.

The people that run the actual firework show shoot off the fireworks behind a atheltic feild and its our job to clean up the trash before any teams take to the field. So at 7:40 we all rolled out of our beds and headed off to pick up garbage.

There is currently a drum line practicing from a close by high school and I can hear them so I am distracted enough not to be able to sleep and that is annoying.

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