Saturday, September 26

Saturday field trip

Thats right, a field trip! Ok, not your everyday field trip but after firework cleanup both of the Hannahs went back to bed, leaving me wandering aimlessly online. Steph has been at home all day, so I got a bit bored. I was researching online and I found a few record/cd stores that I had to go to. Of course it was pretty easy to get the Hannahs on board to go out after they got some homework done.

So, I wrote out a list of things I couldn't live without in hopes for finding at least one of them. I know that some of them have been out of production for a while so thats why I decided to dig through stores that had used stuff. Here was my list...

Eric Hutchinson:
--> That Could've Gone Better
--> Before I Sold Out
Matt Nathanson:
--> Please
--> Ernst
--> Not Colored Too Perfect
--> Still Waiting For Spring
--> Learning To Breathe
--> The Legend of Chin
Something Corporate:
--> Ready Break
Pete Yorn:
--> Night Crawler
--> Day I Forgot
--> musicforthemorningafter

Ok, so the two store I went to are kinda like must see Rochester music stores....
1. Record Archive . This store has old and new stuff, walls and walls of old records....racks and rows for what seemed like forever of cd's both new and used. The best part is that I have finally convinced myself that buying used cd's is not super gross...ok yeah they have been touched for a while, but its ok, I touch it once to put it inside my computer and then once more to take it out. Once its in itunes I am ok. ( Yes, I am aware I have a slight germ problem) . Anyways, I was like in music heaven. I was like 99% sure that I would not find anything on my list because nothing on it is popular anything...but as I worked through my list I was feeling kinda bummed and then last but not least I found Pete Yorn, and I found all three of his cds. I was like ready to jump for joy. So I went to check out and I felt slightly obsessed buying only one artists music, but whatever I cleaned out the whole Pete Yorn row...anyways I put the cd's on the counter and the guy that worked there looks at them and turns around and fumbles through some things and holds up another Pete Yorn cd and asks if I had to have that one too and luckily I had that one already but it was so cool because unlike a best buy or something these people like are all about the music.

Ok store number 2, The House of Guitars. A legend of Rochester... this place is huge, if you want a guitar you come here, and if you want to go to a music archeive where you dig through cds you come here to. This store was amazing, there is a whole wall just filled with signatures of artists that have visited and we read through it and it was just pretty much awesome.

Ok enough with the randomness from the afternoon.

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