Monday, September 14

weekend musings

I am neglecting my blog and every once in a while I feel a guilty about it, luckily that feeling passes quickly. Even typing this now is difficult because my apartment is so loud, I just keep typing everything I hear. It's weird because at one point in time I was an excellent multi-tasker, but those times are few and far between.

This weekend was short, I don't know if 48 hours can be considered short, but it was super short. Friday night was a "drive-in" movie minus the driving part. So in actually it was a "walk-in" movie. There was a big blow up screen in one of the lawns on campus, and at dark we watched The Proposal. We brought our blankets and it was a fun night under the stars.

Saturday was supposed to be a shopping day. Steph and I had plans to head to the mall and just shop. (I need dress up shirts extremely bad. Just as we were heading out the door, Steph received a call from her cousin (she goes to a school in the city about 10 minutes from us). She was living in this house, that she just moved into about 2 weeks ago, but something happened between her and the home owner and her cousin thought it was best that she leave and move back home. Steph and I went to help move, and she had more stuff than Steph and I combined. Steph and I carried boxes for a few hours while her cousin just kind of played with her dog...Since she had so much stuff we had to pack Stephs car as well as her cousins car and then drive to her cousins house which was 50ish minutes away...that was a long day.

Sunday was homework day to the homework still isn't all done but I am exhausted and its very clear when I am tired, I get what I am going to call the glitches. This morning during my class I was asked to write something on the board and walking up and back it was obvious that I was glitchy, like my whole right side is a 1/2 step back, my movement does not look smooth at all, but whatever, it's what I have to deal with so I better get used to it.

I have a busy week this week, actually busy doesn't even describe it, its just beyond busy.

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  1. The movie night sounds like fun! We have movie night here at the local park a few times in the summer (the town puts it on free). It's intended for kids but it's lots of fun!

    Take it easy! Hope you are able to get some rest with all the buzzing happening at your place. I remember those days -- the College years!


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