Tuesday, September 1

Swine flu...oh swine flu...

I was reading Tara's Blog this morning while taking a break from a few lesson plans and it oddly made me feel better because at least now I know I am not the only one a bit concerned.

My college is going to require all high risk students (apparently I fall under that category now) and all student teachers (hey I fall under that category too) to get the swine flu vaccine once it is available. (If I fall under both categories, do I at least win a prize?) Anyways, I am kind of a anti vaccine girl...yes I have all my required immunizations but I know way to many people who get the flu shot and then get the flu, maybe its a milder version, I don't know but they still get it.

I like options and the idea of having it be required just makes me want it less. Of course there's that other fear that I get the vaccine and then I get sick too.

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