Tuesday, July 20

Happy 22nd Birthday to me...

I am very much certain that I would like to redo my birthday. I talked with a few friends and have come to the conclusion that it my birthday has been postponed indefinitely. I started a job at a company downtown through the temp agency. I stare at PowerPoint all day and make corrections and revisions over and over again. It's only going to last 2-3 weeks and then I will return the role of "Dean" back to the man himself.

I was perfectly alright with working on my birthday. I figured when I came home I would scarf down dinner and then I would see all my family and we would eat pie and have a nice evening. When my dad picked me up at work I was notified that my grandfathers ventilator tube was disconnected and he is not expected to make it very long, maybe a day at the most. My dads family still came over and was all in birthday mode but it is hard to watch my mom going through this. Its rough. Really rough.


  1. So sorry for what you are going through. Hope you can celebrate your birthday another time and really enjoy it!

  2. I am sorry for this rough patch BUT let me step across and give you a hug...and say right this moment, it is your day...so Happy Birthday!!!!!! =)


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