Monday, July 12

Oh my gravy

So I have this nasty little swearing habit I picked up after I was done with student teaching last fall. All spring semester I was swearing like a sailor but I think it was because I withheld so many nasty words for three months that when I was done they just kinda exploded out of me. In May/June my grandmother spent 3 weeks with us and I had to give up swearing because well I didn't feel like being smacked or lectured every time I said a not so pretty word. Now that my grandmother is back I am trying very hard not to use any unpleasant terminology. My new favorite catchphrase is oh my gravy which is conveniently abbreviated into OMG, so now she won't flinch when I used the God word out-loud.

Oh and last night I had a date. Here's the highlights lowlights

- He smelled like my his soap or something but never do I ever want to feel like I'm on a date with my dad
- Have you ever been on a date who is the loudest one in the room? It's embarrassing,at least for me because well I'm quiet and I would do just about anything to not be the center of attention, especially when you're at the movies and your date is the only one laughing and commenting very loudly back at the screen like the cast can hear him.
- He wanted to sit in the seat at the theater that is like a double seat with no arm rest in the middle...I hate the thought of P.D.A, a.k.a public displays of affection. I may have lied a little and said I could not see the screen from that seat because the thought of having to sit that close with the possibility of p.d.a with someone that smelled like my dad made my stomach turn.

Oh and according to his Facebook status he definitely had a great night with someone special at the movies. At least I'm special :-) Anyways, as much as I can complain and sound like a complete jerk it was a stupid funny movie (Get Him To The Greek) and it was nice to at least be out for the night. There were no sparks flying - at least from my point of view that is - and I can say the next time out we will definitely be classified as "friends."

Now its back to resumes, cover letters and cleaning (I'm the maid today).


  1. Stopping swearing can be really hard sometimes, can't it? Sorry about the bad date but yeah for a night out! Better luck next time!

  2. That's why I love dates, so we don't mate... lol.

  3. LOL at the next time being labeled as friends :D I agree, you have to stand your ground but if he smells like your dad and is very Loud why bother? I hope you are feeling good.


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