Tuesday, July 6

I haven't posted in a while because if I were you I wouldn't want to read about my life currently. Oh and the good news is that my grandfather is back in NY, in rehab and attempting to escape on a daily basis. I thought that when he got back things would go somewhat back to normal but that was a random assumption I assume because things could not be further from normal.

Job outlook - insanely grim. I can't even seem to get a job through a temp agency. I did get asked if I would be willing to work in a call center and while every bone in my body said NOOOOOOO I said yes because a) I bet it has air conditioning and b) I get paid and c) I get to get out of my house and stop playing the role of full time homemaker. Maybe my application will be selected and maybe I'll make some money.

Oh and the weather. It's insane outside. 96 degrees and humid. I went to the grocery store and wanted to curl up in the freezer section until I stopped feeling so nauseous. The heat makes me a angry person. So angry and nasty to be around I've heard rumblings of my family trying to ship me to Alaska. All they have to do is ask and I'm game...I bet somewhere up there its not 96 degrees at 9 in the morning.

Last week was my brothers birthday. My aunt and uncle surprised us with a visit and when I saw them ring the door bell I am not going to lie, I felt nothing less than sick to my stomach. You see my aunt and uncle are in the late 60's and they have very different ideals and thoughts that I do. My uncle thinks that a woman only needs her education because she needs a backup when her husband leaves her. (Oddly if you've seen the movie An Education he is exactly like the father in that movie.) They have the attitude that the men of the family should be put on some sort of pedestal because they are the heavy lifters, the do-it-all types while the woman stand in the background in aprons cooking food and doing chores. I wish I could say that was a joke...but it is so incredibly true. Well somehow after cake the conversation and spot light turned to me. My aunt asked "Stephanie, I know you can't work because of your illness so I was wondering what your plans were since you graduation." At that moment I was speechless and days later I still am. I have no comments about that...I guess it is what it is.

I am thankful that my friends and my parents and brother understand me and what I have been through and what I deal with on a daily basis. I wish that my other relatives could grasp some sort of understanding to my life and that they learn that I am fully capable of doing whatever it is I put my mind to.

My mom and I are going on a night out to Albany on Thursday to Cary Brothers and my personal favorite Greg Laswell perform. My mom bought me tickets for all the work I've been doing keeping the house and family running behind the scenes so that was a nice surprise. Well I suppose thats it...I'll be around reading through blogs now :)

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  1. LOL, "needs a backup if her husband leaves her" well in MY case your Uncle would have been right. But I also think that a woman needs to know how to take care of herself anyway so that should be "Plan A", not "Plan B".

    LOL. Enjoyed the post.


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