Thursday, July 8


Yesterday I had a job interview that was lined up  through my temp agency. I was asked what hours I was available to work before my resume was even sent in. I replied that I could work anytime between Monday - Friday 7am-11pm. So I went in for my interview, filled out the application and what not. This morning I get a call from the head hiring man who says "You didn't check that you were available to work on weekends or the third shift..."
Me: "I did not, I'm not available to work every weekend and I prefer not to work the night shift." (Realistically I can barely stay awake till 11pm let alone work all I have no interest in becoming some Ritalin addict)
Hiring man: "Well this position requires you to work weekends and nights."
Me: "Well, unfortunately I cant work them."
Hiring man: "I'll get back to you.."
I totally understand that I don't get first pick of jobs at this point in this economy but at some point I just refuse to do the shit jobs...hours that are between 11pm and 7am in the morning plus every weekend...At this point I just am tired of applications and hearing back nothing...seriously why is it so complicated to send a form letter that just says "we arent going to hire you, we threw away your application and resume as soon as we got it" I'd be happier with that then sending in resume after resume and never hearing a thing.

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  1. Well, I get that. I couldn't stay awake at those hours for food or blankets. Not at all. My eyes shut their doors at 8:30pm. Lights out, goodbye world. I can't help it.

    I'm up early though! =)

    It used to be common courtesy to let job seekers know they were turned down.


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