Wednesday, May 6

As I was cleaning out my room in attempt to make room for my college stuff, I came across a bag full of things I had in the hospital. I was flipping through the papers and I found two laminated papers, one being a letter board and another one that has phrases that are useful for everyday life. Finding those immediately brought my back to mid Nov as I remember that exact moment in time when my speech therapist handed me these.

I had been in the hospital for about a week and I had received steroids around the clock as well as one plasma exchange treatment. My doctors were all bracing for the worst as after the week I still couldn't talk. I couldn't make a sound, I was trapped in hell and I couldn't even express it.

My speech therapist expressed her concern and started bracing me for the worst. But honestly how do you sit there and tell a 20 year old she probably wont be able to talk again...She then handed me these boards with phrases and letters and I used them constantly...but having a conversation with a parent or doctor is impossible when they cant keep out with your fast moving fingers. It was the hardest thing I have yet to go through and finding the papers makes me so grateful that everything worked ed out in the end.

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  1. You remind me of the day I gave back the cane I had borrowed after my stay at the hospital when I was first diagnosed. It really made me realize how grateful I was (and still am) for being able to walk on my own!

    Stay positive! Stay Strong! Stay Smiling!


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