Sunday, May 3

MS walk!

So today, my suitemates and I walked in the MS walk in our area. We had a blast. We had gone shopping yesterday to get our outfits all finalized and the pic shows us all decked out. So from the left to the right it goes, Hannah, Steph, Me aka Steph, Hannah. So we had on the shirts my mom got us that we got to design, our orange soccer socks and orange headbands. We had a few comments on our outfits and stuff and I think we stood out a bit, especially with our socks. 

The morning started early, at 7 am when we woke up to the sounds of our alarms. We all got ready and left around 8:15. We wanted to get to the site by 9'ish to register early and such and of course, get dibs on the correct size shirts! After getting our shirts and bags and such, we hung 
around, got ballon hats and Steph was filmed for the local news when she was getting her hat fit 
to her of the Hannahs and I also got some air time in the background of a was 
kinda cool. We were a small team and it is always nice to be noticed. We even were the firsts ones tow alk through the start line at 10am. 

Steph and I had on long sleeve tees because lead us to believe that it would be chilly but 
 we started walking it quickly became warmer. The routes that 
they had were either a 3 or 5.5 mile walk and we decided to do the 5.5 mile on. After walking up a few hills, seeing Steph get her undershirt off without any trouble, I decided that I 
needed to remove my long sleeve tee shirt. Well... I tried really hard and I needed Steph to help is really hard to get out of one shirt all while staying fully covered with the top layer. 

I am glad though it was not like a billion degrees because with the 60ish degree weather and some sun and the 5.5 miles, I had 10 swollen fingers and a nasty headache by the time we finished. I really thought I was going to die when we where going up one hill, my heart was beating so fast that it just seems like there was just back to back beating at 100mph. 

All in all though, we had a blast, and raised a ton of money...a whopping 845 be exact!!!

Oh and I added this picture because yeah look at 
my face...I am such a pretty pretty picture poser...and it was at the finish line.

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