Wednesday, April 29

munch munch munch

Ok so, I am stressed. Stressed probably does not sum up my current state of being because I must be five stages past stressed, but alas thinking of a term to define that stage is stressful in itself. I had my accounting final this afternoon and it went well. I have my consumer behavior final tomorrow at 10am. 

So I was supposed to have my CB-consumer behavior- final this morning at 8am. I didn't go, I had talked to my professor last week or so about postponing it to the day after. Some of the people I know took this a a cop out I guess, because they gave me crap about not following the "schedule." Well people, if my body followed my schedule I would not have even came across this lil itty bitty thing called MS. Both my professor and myself decided that it was best for me not to stress and having two finals in one day would very well likely put me over the edge. Well, I am sure that's not what happened line by line, but I expressed my concern about being overwhelmed and tired and he agreed. He has always said right along that number one priority is health.

Anyways, I have been studying now all  afternoon and most of the night. I used to be able to read a definition a few times and just know it. My brain and I do not get along, it refuses to play nicely and I find myself reciting definitions till the cows come home, and still I can not seem to recall them five minutes later. Of course, I don't live near the cows, so maybe I just don't know when they are coming home, or maybe they are never coming home...Either way, I am left frustrated about my brains unwillingness to soak up definitions that I need to know. I did bad on my last test which I will give some credit to the fact that I had the flu and my body and mind was not cooperating. Anywho, I will stop blogging for now and return to definitions...but since tomorrow is my last real final, expect some real blog action happening in the near future...

p.s- I forgot to mention the title- crunch crunch crunch. Well, when I am stressed I tend to munch on crunchy food or actually anything that is tasty and digestible...finals week usually results in me gaining five pounds...

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Welcome to the MS Blogging Community. So glad that you let me know about your blog here. Good luck with the finals. Hope they all go smoothly.

    Also I hope that when the semester is over, you can stop by Brass and Ivory.


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