Saturday, April 4

a bit of a break...

It's been  a few days since I have last posted, but for good reasons, I promise. I have been thinking alot and my perspectives on life have changed alot. 

If you do not know, Phil Keoghan aka host of the Amazing Race. He had a near dear experience when he was 19 and since then has lived life to the fullest. His motto, N.O.W- no opportunity wasted...he is the creator of the show also titled N.O.W and he even has a book titled that. He helps people set goals in order to live life to the fullest. He lately has become my role model. His outlook on life is amazing...and I cant say enough good stuff about him. He also is currently riding across the country on his bike...over a month, every day, riding his bike and he is doing so to raise awareness of M.S. 

Since Phil has started his ride, I have also started riding. 10-15 miles a day. I used to ride alot and then everything stopped. I missed it. I love hoping on a bike and just riding,  its awesome. Of course at school I am stuck in one place but I cant wait till I am home for Easter and go to the park with my bike and get some real miles in...I am super pumped.

So I decided I needed a goal though. I wanna do a Bike MS event. The events are 15,30,66,100 miles. 15 is a walk in the park, I rode 14 miles in a hour...soo I will do a farther one. I really want to do it though, I think I can...better yet I know I can.

A side note, I was in the gym the other morning and I was 45 minutes into my 1 hr bike workout...This woman walks in the gym, likely early 70's...she is hunched over and walks over to the pull down machine for arms, she could barely reach the bar and then when she did she decided to change it from a straight bar to a idk V bar I guess. So she is trying and trying and is unsuccessful, I am watching out of the corner of my eye just and her struggling was really bothering me. There were other people close by, but no one helped her out...So I had enough, I get off my bike and walk over and ask if she needed help. She was so grateful and it was just a good thing. When I was back on my bike I just couldn't help but think that if I didn't help her, there would be no one to help me when I need it...I guess I am trying to earn my pay-it-forward credits now. I feel like I would want someone to help me out because I realize that I, sometime, will need it and I just hope there is someone there, smiling and willing to help.

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