Tuesday, March 31

my rantings on a bad bad day

Today blew. Well it supposedly was good because my suitemates and I got our 1st pick in the apartment lotto for housing next year...so that's super good...our room is on the second floor of a insanely nice building, we have two bathrooms- each with two sinks, four bedrooms, a kitchen, pantry, living room and a hallway closet...

I have no tolerance for people today...like my tolerance may be on a negative scale. I went to print out lots of papers and of course I walk across campus and find that in the first computer lab there was no paper...so I head to the second one...oh there's no paper there either...so I head to lab number 3 and oh there is ton of paper but I cant log onto the fricken system cause the schools system was DOWN. So I grabbed paper and went back to my room, put stuff on a jump drive went to the closet computer lab put the paper in and went to print my stuff...but the only girl in the lab thought that oh when some girl comes in and puts 10 sheets of paper in the printer than it must be for her use........................................... WHAT THE HECK...............I have a really just "shrug it off" personality but OH NO, not this time, I looked at her and was like, are you really serious???...and I walked out and headed back to lab number three....

I met with a girl from my entrepreneurship class because she has yet to turn in her financial plan for her fake business...it was due Friday. I turned mine in Friday, on time, and she choose not to. She then had the guts to ask me five days later to met with her because she couldn't figure it out. A- We have had the assignment since day one of the semester. B- All you had to do was open a excel file and change numbers, the program calculated figures automatically....but of course I show up and she has the wrong file open...she didn't know the difference between a word file and a excel file. She couldn't figure out how to change numbers in the word document probably because the word document is not a program. 

While at dinner we listened to some British kid behind us talk with his mouth full and every sentence either started or included the F word. I have about no tolerance for it...I used to use it more than I wanted to, it was a nasty habit. I use it once in a while now when I am extremely frustrated and upset but honestly I think it just makes you appear unintelligent, its unnecessary and vulgar and just whatever I am by no means the grammer police.

I have had this cold/flu/virus for about 5-6 days now...I am rather convinced it is turning into a sinus infection. When I am sick my MS symptoms or whatnot act up...the uncontrollable tremors and shaking may be my personal favorite...its always a blast watching someone stare at you go down a flight of stairs while one half of your body is shaking so bad that if you didn't hold on to a railing you would without a doubt fall over. The best is when the person watching you is your business education methods professor...he is the guy that has emailed and has been concerned about me and then I go on to tell him I am fine...well last night of course he saw me during our class break heading back to the room after visiting a professor and he saw me come down the stairs shaking so bad and he just stared. Wasn't he the one who told me " I had a grandfather who had MS, so I know what you are going through."...well Mr. Business Professor I think it is safe to assume that you don't know because the look on your face was not of understanding but of someone who was frightened or freaked out by what he was seeing. 

So whatever, thanks for your "understanding."

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