Saturday, March 21

In Love...

Shit, I got some updating to do. 

1st- Thursday morning 7:30 AM- headed out the door to get to Rochester for my third Tysabri treatment. I was exhausted and I do not know if I was having this "drug withdrawel" that all the nurses always tell me about, but I was just bitchy. OK, I had been bitchy for a few days so maybe it really was a withdrawel, or maybe I am just a bit bored at home and my mood shows it. Anyways, it took one needle stick and my iv thingy was up and running. I turned on my Ipod and sat there for 2 hours, had no reactions, and everything went smoothly.

12:15PM- we headed out for lunch, a cool retro sandwhich/soup/salad place...and I was absoultly starving. Then we were off to B-low to see Matt Nathanson.

3ish- we made it to lost a few times...but pretty darn successful and then we waited and waited and waited for the concert. 

By 6:30 we were standing outside wiating for the doors to open at 7 and of course I didnt bring a jacket, so I had a sweater thing and that was it...I am super smart somedays...did I mention it was snowing outside! Anyways, doors opened little before 7 and we got in, saw my cousin who was working the doors and we stood around for another hour till the show started. (I even bought a Matt Nathanson shirt...)We were about 15 feet from the stage, and the concert was amazing. Eric Hutchinson preformed first...he was amazing....I now own his cd :) . He is a cutie, and just look at some of the lyrics to this one song- You Don't Have to Believe Me

"It feels like nobody's on your side no access to your pride
you gotta learn to take control your whole body is a temple so
you've got a choice to make and your mind is what's at stake
so before we build this love please believe that you're good enough

You don't have to believe me but I'm not often wrong
they've been taking advantage and it's gone on too long
you don't have to believe me when we're dancing out on the floor
but you sure better believe me when i say you are worth much more"

Then I anxiously waited for Matt Nathanson...OMG it was worth the wait, worth all the anticpaction...because it was amazing. He sang some of my favorites and there was some sing alongs, and OMG thinking about it makes me smile and gives me the tingles. ( yup I am obsessed, its OK its the good obsessed).  
Well anyways at the end of the concert, Matt said that he and Eric would be signing stuff in the back...well of course I stook around for that. I have my autographed picture...and then I got a picture with him. I was sooo totally shaking and my mom went to take a pic but she couldnt figure out the camera so Matt and I were standing there and she goes "hold on, 

I gotta figure this out." So Matt says, "thats ok, we will just hold each other for a while." OMG he was so cute and so nice and so amazing and so down to earth. Did I mention cute??? ( haha I am totally smiling while I am writing this post! I am totally staring at this autographed picture on my wall, I got a frame for it today and I cant believe he signed it! And not just his name, he wrote I (heart) Stephanie

My mom asked me why I was so obsessed and in love with this guy after the concert. I thought it was funny that she asked but honestly I heard one song and loved it. But really, I listened to his stuff when I was stuck at the hospital, and then while I was home recoving, and I fell asleep so many times to his songs and his voice and no matter how upset I was or am, I can turn on my ipod and listen to him and just feel better. So me 
meeting him face to face, having his arm around me, just made my world. It was funny my mom was saying how I have been through alot and she hasent seen me that happy since before everything started. 

So I am weird though, today I bought a shadow box, I made it a scrapbook page to go in it, with 
my ticket stub, 2 pictures from the concert and the picture of the autographed picture, its coming to school with me. Looking at that box makes me smile.


11:30PM- went to sleep, well my mom did, I stayed up smiling and reliving my night over and over.

7:45Am- got up and got breakfest and hit the road to Pittsburgh to go to the IKEA store! We spent a few hours there and it was super cool and I wanna live in one of those stores.

7:30PM- finally home and exhausted...

Saturday- gym this morning for cardio, I went with my brother and he was busy doing lower body stuff and I couldnt leave till he left so I got stuck doing cardio for just over a hour. I actually feel good though. I had to get stuff done today like homework, shadowboxes, laundry, framing...busy busy...and I even managed to fit in time to watch Twilight...ok I like that movie alot, but I already have my favorite guy...haha I am totally lame I need a bf to occupy my free time. 

12:38AM- post finished haha...goodnight

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