Sunday, March 15

-------ch ch ch chicken bone--------

oops. no gym today. but everything thing went well. but oh at fancy dinner i attempted to eat my chicken cordon bleu but of course the first bite i took i started to chew something umm crunchy and i spit it out and yeah it was a bone. lets just say i didnt wanna make a scene but i didnt really wanna eat after that. i am watching snl cause its funny. i feel scattered. i remember the infusion nurses at the clinic told me that i me that alot of people get tired and weak and stuff the weak before a transfusion for your body needs it, its craves it. maybe that is it...i just feel all over the place at the moment. its weird
ok well it could be the whole its kinda late and i am tired but i cant turn off snl cause miss kelly clarkson is on. and yeah her new cd is amazing. the end.

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