Sunday, March 8

oh my oh my

my day can be described in a few key terms,short, boring, FTF and sweaty. I guess I will elaborate.

short- umm today we lost a hour...someone please explain to me why we must loose and gain a hour every couple of months...all it does is make me angry.

boring- lesson plan from 12-2...4-5...but oh its done

FTF- umm head over to for a full explanation but basically you go into the woods with a gps and locate some kind of container with coordinates that you get off of someone hides the cache and then people find it. yes sir, its that simple. but today was special, steph and i got a FTF- first to find. the cache was posted at like 1:30 and we were outta of dorm and wandering through the woods shortly after. a few close calls by running into muggles but alas we got their at 2:10 and grabbed that sucker. 

sweaty- oh yeah the gym was a sweat fest...i would like to think that i totally conquered the gym, but truth is that it kicked and conquered my ass...but really mr. gym, feel free to conquer my ass jeans sure would fit better

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