Thursday, March 26

meeting number 2

it went well, its still kinda hard because its for 20 and  30 somethings...which means I really don't have alot in common with the 30 somethings...even though the rock...I just kinda sit back and listen...but I did speak my piece when someone dissed Tysabri...I was a bit surprised that I stood up for it...yeah you can die from it, there is a chance but you could walk across the street and get hit by a car and die tomorrow...I cant live worrying when I am going to die and people don't get that if I wasn't on Tysabri I would without a doubt be experiencing way worse yeah I kinda get alittle uptight about it. 

its good to meet some people going through this though...i'm not looking for a new bff  but it is just nice to know you know someone else who is going through the same thing as you. if i could find someone else who couldn't talk for over a week...or who couldn't eat and drink for over a week because of swallowing issues...i would flip, i would love to meet someone who experienced that because as of now  everyone i have meet has not had anything like that...

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