Monday, March 16

why wont you go away

  1. i want my steroid face to go away. i am tired of hearing people say, you look good, but your cheeks are still puffy. duh , i know that, i can see that, do people think i like having this extremely round face
  2. ummm so kinda weird and random but am pulling hair out in what seems to be large quantities...usually i'll run my fingers through my hair...and 1 or 2 strands will come out...I now average about 10-15...i get my hair cut tomorrow and there prob. wont be anything to cut
  3. i want more makes me want two...i figure they can mark major things in my life.
  4. the end. gym made me sleepy. wii fit made me angry...why do they make me fat, it just complicates things.

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