Friday, March 27

MS Trump card and my Friday ramblings

I am actually sick. I woke up this morning with a fever and I soon realised that MS and fevers don't go well together. It was a wonderful day of weirdness. I have a nasty cough, everything hurts and its just gross. I really hate having a fever because I sit in class and sweat, like my shirt was probably soaked through, soo bad and really I shouldn't have been in class but I had quizzes to fail. 

After classes I hung out with my suitemate, vitamin d girl. We talked about everything and I was very honest about what I was thinking and everything that is going on in my life. It really cleared things up and we just see eye to eye more I think, or at least we are at the same level. 

We also had a spaghetti dinner to go to. It was for Operation Smile and the craniofacial unit at Strong (They deal with cleft plates and such). Ok, so what alot of people don't know about me is that when I was born I had a cleft of the soft plate when I was born. I went through the whole surgery thing and then speech when I was little so even though I dont remember what I went through I do know that my life without being able to get it fixed would have been way different. So, of course, I have no problem donating some cash to help a cause like this. We also went because two of my suitemates worked at it/ were in charge...

------------------------End of 1st half of blog------------------------------

Ok why am I separating this blog? Well, thats a great question! The next part of this blog is something that has been bothering me ever since the meeting I went to yesterday. I talked with my roommate and my suitemate about it and it of course is still bothering me. 

So the topic is the "Trumph Card." 
As defined by the Urban Dictionary:
1.trump card
The final resort but often the easiest way out. 
You're most powerful option in succeeding at anything in life. 
Unfortunately, once used, the trump card can rarely be used on the same person again. If reused it will rarely be as powerful. why does this bother me? Well, it seems the ladies at the meeting love playing their trump card and they talk about using it alot. For example:
Friend A- I am sooo tired today.
Friend with MS- I have MS I am always tired, you shouldnt complain.

yeah, ok whatever, but they use their trump card for anything and everything to the point where I cant understand how they have any friends. If I did that to all of my friends and such my family would hate me. I get that having MS is frustrating and it is uncontrollable, but the way to handle situations with people should not be to solely play your trump card. 

I tend to think that if you use your MS card for everything, MS will become who you are. I don't want to be known for my use of my "trump card." I want people to see me separately from my MS...and if they know I have MS, I do not want it to be my defining characteristic...but whatever, maybe that is just me. I see using your "trump card" as the easy way out and letting MS beat you...and the truth is that everyone has their own trump card...everyone is going through something in their life and its not fair the MS always trumps it. 

But those are my each their own, right

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