Saturday, March 14

uh uh home blows

its been a while since i posted. i have been feeling good, and rested and just myself. its weird. but then i came home today. yay spring break. no exclaimation points because after a night with my mom i am contemplating getting in my car and making a run for it. 

her and i got in a argument during dinner because she is insane and thinks that she must be at my next neuro appointment because she has been at every other one. 

1st off. all but two of the times i saw my neuro guy  i was laying in a hospital bed. the other two i could function because i had spasms or was too  tired to drive the 90 miles to the clinic. so yeah she had to come.

2nd off. i am 20. twenty. like a twenty dollar bill i stand alone. i can handle this, because i handle lots on my own. the fun thing about being over 18 is that if i say she cant come with me...she really cant. yeah it bothers her, but i will tell her the important stuff if need be. 

so yeah i am kinda like 1/4 bitch, 3/4 jerk but guess what i like it and she can learn to dad respects it so she should learn how to. i definitely dont need my mommy every day of the week. 

she treats me like i am five. thats what she gets. oh well. bed and gym at 8. yup 8, my bro and i are going. sweet. i <3>

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