Saturday, May 23

over tired?

--Uhh I dont know how much sense anything makes below...I apologize

Maybe it is because I stayed up to late or something but today had been a weird day. My brain and my body are not working well together. 

My mind says "move! there's a wall there"...and my body walks into the wall. 

My mind says, tight right turn and it takes a whole lot of concentration not to go off way into the shoulder. 

I see the light that is yellow and know its turning red, and yet I still have to slam on my breaks to stop...which of course flung half a coconut cream pie with 3 inches of meragine (idk how to spell it, the white fully ( <---- I go to write fluffy and instead I write fully...maybe I am over analysing this but wtf ) stop (<---but look here I meant to say stuff...and I wrote stop)...maybe it was whip cream...who knows) stuff into the back of my seat, of course it was in my dads car so cleaning that was a blast.

I put 11 candles on a birthday cake for a kid who turned 9.

Who knows, but I am going to be early tonight and hopefully be better for tomorrow. 

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  1. It makes total sense (to me anyway) and you gave me a good chuckle because I can relate.

    Hope you're getting the rest you need!


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