Sunday, May 10

i'm pumped

I am so excited, so super freaking excited. I had a horrible day at work yesterday, my tolerence for that job has been high...but not anymore. I cant take it at all. As I was filling out job applications I was telling my parents everything I hate about it and how it just adds stress and my dad cut me off mid sentance and said, "just quit." That was what I needed to hear. So I will work this next weekend and that will be it. The end. Thank god. I would like to say that I loved this job, but it has always been just a job, I met some cool people along the way, but it is just a job. I am looking forward to a job that does not let drama get dragged out of work. I cannot wait! 

The good news is that my brothers best friend works at Rite Aid and his father is some sort of manager man guy...and hopefully that will be my in, because I certianly need something to keep me busy this summer. I dont wanna sit here while my hair just falls out!

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