Monday, May 18


Umm so I am not sure if I am just tired from the weekend or what, but I am absolutely exhausted. I went to bed super early last night, got up this morning and attempted to head to the gym. My head was a bit fuzzy and of course it showed when I back my dads car out of our back driveway...I sorta kinda hit the edge of our fence with the cars passenger mirror...big whoops. The mirror cracked, the glass popped out and flew threw the air like I was watching it in slow motion...

Luckily my dad...aka Mr. Fix-It can really fix just about anything and he did wonders by putting the mirror back together. I did however obtain the nickname of Grandma because my grandma has knocked off and demolished 3 passenger mirrors in the past 2 or 3 years...however I do contest that nickname because she completely demolishes her mirrors where I umm just knicked it.

Anyways, I eventually made it to the gym but fatigue got the best of my workout. I dragged myself all day but I hope the fatigue starts to diminish soon.

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