Wednesday, June 10

And now I remember

I now remember why I do not date, nor do I wanna date. My plan for the day was to leave for Rochester at there around 11ish, hang with the guy till 2:30ish, say adios as he goes to work and then I would head to the bookstore till Steph calls, then drive to Stephs' house and spend the rest of my night there.

This morning I watched The Devil Wears Prada and when I came back to my room to pack I noticed the mass abundance of texts and calls that I missed. Anywho, they were all from the said guy above, informing me of this, "hi, I have a doctors appt at 11:40 2day...when u get 2 roch just go to the canal and ill text u when im mom made the appt cuz my eyes r waterin." 

Ok, peachy, whatever, allergies. I am so not sympathetic, I used to be, I am so not sympathetic when I have been a Claritin addict for the past few weeks because my allergies are off the wall. I will not go sit by the canal by myself for a hour waiting on a guy...I will leave my house late, drive slow, maybe even grab lunch because ugh I can not stand when plans get changed. 

I am a control freak, I am unsympathetic ( unless of course you are one of the few people that I absolutely adore and love ) , and I have very little desire to deal with guys.

So now I will just sit and eat a brownie....and sit in my pj's and stare at my unpacked backpack and take my sweet time getting ready.

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