Tuesday, June 2

I have a obsession

I have a obsession, that has is growing at a cont ant increasing rate...cd's...even with the invention of being able to buy music online, I will also stay true to cd's...

but because I used to be a math major and all, lets do some number crunching....
139 cds @ lets say 12 dollars...we all know some are more some are less...but that equals $1668...kinda crazy but I will keep buying them lol.


  1. You're lucky to be just 20 with MS.
    Year ago the ONLY drugs that were available were interferons (e.g., Betaferon, Rebif, & Avonex) or glatiramer acetate (e.g., Copaxone). While these drugs show just a little efficacy beyond the placebo effect, Tysabri (aka natalizumab) offers efficacy of 68%.
    The FDA does NOT want you to know that Tysabri helps your body "mobilize up to 6 times more STEM CELLS -aka 'progenitor cells'- in your bloodstream.
    One simple reason that some MSers actually heal & have no remission. Vern Beachy, Nick Marcheanni & others on youtube are REAL live MSers taking TYSABRI who have their lives back.
    Your MS means $$$ to many. Learn to understand the MEDIA HYPE of bird flu, swine flu, & PML.
    Good luck...take no Ty holidays...no matter what!

  2. haha I'm in the same boat but with dvd's and books..........

  3. well Ms. Lucas I know you have a slight case of OCD, especially with chairs and tables at the zoo...so the fact that you have it with Dvd's and books does not surprise me! <3


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