Tuesday, June 2

A response

This may be from lack of sleep, or maybe I misunderstood something but alas I am answering because hey this is my blog and I can.

Dear Anonymous,

I love comments on my blog, I really honestly do. But on my last posting something seems alittle off. You see I post things on my blog that I do not go around sharing with everyone else. Its my journal but open to the interpretation of others. Usually someone will leave a comment that is positive and encouraging...yours I will admit has left some questions in my mind. 

"You're lucky to be just 20 with MS." First off, lucky and MS do not belong in the same sentance...or at least not in my eyes. Ummm really, am I that lucky that I got it when I was 20. Because honestly, no I do not agree. At 20 I am still finding my place in this world, I am trying to plan my future, the last thing I needed was to be kicked 5 feet under the ground because of MS. I feel as though going through what I went through aged me 10 years. I am so high strung and uptight, that I am pretty sure all my tendencies act like a college student have flown out the window. 

The only drug I have been on is Tysabri, and yeah it has been good, but since I am a college student I am on my parents insurance. So my concern is when I am done with school next year and no longer covered by my parents insurance who is going to cover this wonder drug. I could relapse on this drug like any other drug, I am a firm believe that my cards have already been dealt, I got what I got, and now I deal with it. If another attack happens I deal, just like I have in the past. 

It would be wonderful to say that I will take Tysabri for my whole life, but PML is real, financial concerns are real. When your doctor explains that PML is a real risk I do not take that lightly, I will have no problems reevaluating Tysabri again and again. It has not been studied for long term use, so if PML increases as time goes on, I will gladdly consider going off of it. 

So once again, these are my views, I choose to share my experience with others, it was not a easy choice. If you did not post as anonymous I would have wrote a simple email response but alas you didnt so public posts it is.

Sincerely a kinda urked/overtired/over-emotional blogger.

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