Tuesday, June 30

Me? A knife sales girl? Hahaha

I was offered a position within Vector Marketing, where I would be a sales rep for Cutco Cutlery... The interview- obnoxious, 90 minutes group interview after a 2 minute applicant scan. Apparently I passed with flying colors but as tempting as the 15 dollar/per appointment sounds and chance for 10-30% incentives, if you are smart enough you will see through alot of the bs.

For example, the 10-30& commission incentives are not on top of your $15 per appointment pay, they are instead of. After a week of sales, you pick which one you want. You start off thought at the 10% end and move up as you stay and grow with the company. You gain potential customers through friends and family, you follow their leads and you call them and blah blah blah.

I was the only applicant hired, out of the 6 applicants during the interview slot...and when I was offered the job, I kinda said no thank you. The manager looked a little bit stunned...apparently he is not used to hearing no thank you. Anyways, it was a good learning experience, spiff up those interviewing skills, and have stories to tell my future students.


  1. I think you made the right choice. Those groups make a job look desirable so they can fill it with overqualified people and then you work your tail off for nothing. Find a job with a guaranteed hourly rate or a salary. I say this from much experience with the scams...

    BTW, I am adding your blog link to my blog list.

  2. LOL, I took a telemarketing job once---selling CABLE TV channels before anyone had them. HBO, SHOWTIME, etc., people were begging ME for them! Once in a lifetime gig. Made good dough.


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