Wednesday, June 24

Bike Night

So tonight was my first bike night...with a few hundred or so other bikes it was pretty fun...

I already new I sucked in parking lots, but tonight reconfirmed it as my bike fell over with me on it...luckily I was only going a few miles per hour so now real damage done, scrapes to the bike and such and its more frustration than anything...I have continued to feel like shit and have just not been with it and this just piles on to my growing list of "uggggggghhhhhhhhs" but at least when a girl dumps a bike, there are immediately 3 or 4 guys all running over to pick it up for you, straighten out your mirrors and reattaching any hanging lights...

but yeah insert swear words here (_______________________________________)

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the first half. Hope you're not too scraped and bruised.

    Sounds like you could use another concert night! Hope you take some you time to clear your mind.


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