Thursday, June 18

I think I am awake

"oh man, I'm the oldest one here ... quick find me a beer so I fit in ..." - My mom upon arrival to the concert parking lot.

Last night it poured and poured. My mom managed to stay dry under her umbrella but I stood in line to get a t-shirt and every layer I had on was soaked. It was about 58 degrees, windy, rainy but I had a blast.

We were so close, and luckily everyone in the "pit" all gathered in the middle so we grabbed a spot on a outer edge and could see everything and were not super close to anyone.

I can't believe how amazing it was. Jack's Mannequin was amazing, The Fray were amazing.

Driving home was obnoxious though, a two hours on the thruway, pouring rain, I could barely see a thing...and of course my mom kept turning up the heat, she kept turning the stereo lower, it was like she was asking for me to fall asleep driving. Luckily I regained control of the controls and turned on the ac and survived the trek home. I am definitely a zombie today though.

Blogger and I are fighting, I have wrote this post 2 or 3 times now and I am a bit tired of writing the same thing over and this one was short and sweet and sucktastic.

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