Saturday, June 13


Last night I went to bed early, woke up around 9 and low and behold I'm still tired. It doesn't help that my allergies going crazy so I have become a Claritin addict to at least hold them at bay.

My knees burn. I think the burning might be the worst part. I can deal with pain, I have gone through 3 knee surgeries, countless shoulder dislocations and a dislocated hip...So I am quite confident I can handle pain reasonably well...but this burning sensation is something I can not handle.

Of course my parents just kind of look at me and say. "ohh you look fine, just alittle tired, maybe you shouldn't stay up so late..." I am pretty sure getting 8+ hours of sleep a night should be doing the trick, but I feel bad reminding them that uh I have some other factors involved...*cough cough cough* such as MS...

However, I can not play the MS card with my mother for fear that she would start crying. She already blames herself and her bad family jeans for it, so to shove it in her face would be mean.

I would bug the guy in Rochester that likes me but I have decided he is not the guy for me...but I have good reasons as to why. The last time I stopped at his house...Thursday after Tysabri, well he was alittle...alot, too touchy feely...I wanted to die from exhaustion and the only thing on his mind was to feel me up.

We attempted to watch a movie..."watch" must be code for "try to stick your hand up a girls shirt while she is distracted by the movie."

So it is safe to say that while he claims to understand, he doesn't, he is just more interested in a hook-up... I get it, most guys are really only interested in hooking up in college, that's cool, but I am not a hook up kinda girl. (While I write this part, I cannot seem to stop laughing, I just keep having flash backs to him trying to kiss me as I left his house...he leaned in to kiss me, I literaly ducked backwards (, opened the door and ran out to the car, I waved goodbye and I was off...)

Since I am in such a peachy mood I was sent with my mom to the AT&T store while she upgraded her phone. The salesman attempted to sell her all these extra things and to my surprise she started agreeing to everything like the extra memory card, which she already owns, the case, the car I jumped in and was like, "uh no she needs no of the extras...just do the phone, that's it..."Then my mom agreed and well the salesman looked stunned. It was just amusing...

Anyways I should be off, I have gotten stuck helping my brother with his online class...funny I remember taking and passing Intro To Marketing already...but it seems I get a refresher anyways.


  1. The burning sensation sucks! Sorry you have to deal with it. Have you ever tried a round of IV steroid treatment (called Solumedrol) for it?

  2. I didn't know that was a option...maybe I'll call my Neurologist on Monday if it keeps up.

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    I work with a company who's developing a treatment for Secondary Progressive MS. It's in Phase III trials, but looks promising. The MS Community is really active online, and thought your blog viewers might like to hear about it. If you're interested, I can send you some info on it. Thanks. My e-mail is:



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