Tuesday, June 2

Oh so freakin tired...

Yesterday my mom and I, well actually just I, packed up the car and headed to Darien Lake...a 102 mile haul to see Coldplay. I haven't been so excited to actually sit through a long card ride with my mom since I saw Matt Nathanson a cool 3 hours away. You see my mom and I are on different wavelengths, we do not see eye to eye, but luckily the one thing we do share some similarities is with music. I will say though our conversations in the car lasted about 1/20 of the trip, but luckily I packed alot of cds to get us through.

When there are alot of people or cars and traffic my mom gets all panicky like we are going to be late. I on the other hand have adapted this weird mindset where I know that I planned this trip well and we have plenty of time to deal with traffic. So she freaks out when we are not moving and I hand her a sandwich and tell her to chill.

Well we made it right at 6, as the gates were opening up. We stood in a massively long long and slowed entered the gates. We found our seats which though weren't super close to the stage, they weren't too far either.

The concert was amazing, absolutely amazing. I had bought aisle seats and can I say oh-my-gosh half way during the show big security guards kept walking up and down our isle, barricading places off and the next thing you know they had tape right down our isle blocking any ones escape. But seriously Coldplay exists the stage and starts walking through the crowd down the marked off isles and well they walked right past me, we were seriously 1inch apart. I am not some crazy super fan so I refrained from grabbing Chris Martin like so many people did...but it was just so cool.

They played my favorite some, The Scientist, which gave my chills, its got to be one of my most favorite songs ever...

The disaster was exiting this place, we sat in our car for a good 1/2 hour- 45 minutes without moving. I was the lucky driver for the night as my moms night visions is not so good. By the time we started driving is was just before midnight. I am usually in bed at midnight so as my mom slept in the car I had the air conditioning blasting, the music loud and was singing aloud. 

By the time I got home I was wide awake...so I finally crashed around 3ish, woke up like 2 hours ago, and I completely, 100% a zombie.

I have random stuff to talk about but I may fall asleep here and having keyboard imprints on my forehead is not on my to-do list today.

-Oh yeah Chris Martin is in the pic above...thank you Dalboz17 from flicker for posting this, I did not get any good pictures...

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