Monday, August 24

1st day, hugs and tests

I thought yesterdays pain was bad...ummm little did I know today would be way way way worse. I guess its what people would call the bear hug. It's nauseating and I the pain is so incredibly intense, as my roommates tell me, I look like I'm going to cry.

In other less painful news, it was the first day of classes, also known as "Student Teaching Bootcamp." I was thrown into a room full of soon to be students teachers, all of them all ready in their clicks and then theres me, the only business and marketing undergrad at my school. I was not in a happy mood at all, so I wasn't in the whole lets be bff mode.

I also got a email today from NYS teacher certification that said:

Status: Pass
Total Score: 255 (out of 300)
Minimum Passing Score: 220

So I have now passed all three teaching step closer to being a teacher and no more tests! (well nys mandated ones!)

Now homework and then prob. lying in pain, I survived my first day though.

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