Wednesday, August 19

Who knows...

This may sound weird, but I have been noticing I have been reading things backwards, words and numbers like 5-10 times a not a extreme amount of messups but enough to make me wonder...

Filling up the motorcycles today my dad asked me the mileage on my bike from the last fill up...I replied "441" and then when he looked super confused I looked again and said "144"...144 being a reasonable number seeing as a full tank of gas goes about 300-330ish miles.

Its just really weird, maybe I am not concentrating enough, of I am just mixing things up...but I do it alot when I talk to. I'll go to say something and repeat the words like, see you later later...I mix up word placement and idk

I just really really need to make it through this semester.


  1. Stephanie,
    It's not a matter of concentrating enough. This is something fairly common with MS. But it's not a constant. I used to do it A LOT, but noticed that recently I've been free of the "mixing things up" syndrome. Be patient with yourself and double check things, or have someone else read over your material just for a second set of eyes. Hang in there, you can make it.

  2. Sorry honey, it's MS. Good luck with school. Don't push yourself and rest plenty. I just had an excacerbation and I'm still working full time. You will make it.


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