Friday, August 28

running on empty...

I am counting down the days till student teaching boot camp is over. It officially ends Tuesday at 5:20PM. Sadly next Monday classes start at 7am and go till almost 5...anyways my weekend will be packed full of homework and lessons plans and creativity.

Steph will be gone this weekend... so I decided to get out of my apartment I would make plans for Saturday I made plans with a guy to see a movie...he said I could pick any one, so I picked (500) Days Of Summer...I am super excited, its kinda mainstream Indie I believe and it should be good.

Class in less than 8 hours...I just finished my homework for it about 5 minutes ago, I really don't think assignments should be assigned the night before they are going to be due (hello, earth to professors, if you want quality work please remember we have other classes, and I am pretty sure my other professors frown upon completing other homework during their classes.)

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