Wednesday, August 5

Hurry! Someone give me some toothpicks!

Umm weird I know but seriously its the only way I can think of to keep my petty little blue eyes open. I had a 10:45 PM flight outta LAX and arrived in Philly at 6:50ish am...and departed Philly around 9:45 and arrived in my house around 11. Sure I slept on the plane, I slept between jabs to my ribs by the crazy girl next to me who punches in her sleep...So running on about 3ish hours of sleep currently I am kinda awake.

I am heading to Rochester tomorrow...get pumped with Tysabri and maybe someone will hint to what my MRI showed...I doubt it though, its prob hush hush top secret...

Well I hope to be more awake on Friday when I come back cause I have so much to tell!

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